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    A lightweight device for mounting of small DSLR cameras like GoPro and smart phones (iPhone, Android, Samsung) for the purpose of hands-free recording videos of oneself from 360 degrees angle and high and low points of view without the assistance of another person.


    The mounting device is comprised of a 1) vertical pole (spine pole) secured to the back of the user with a harness or backpack and protruding above the user’s head to approximately arms length and 2) a horizontal pole assembly (swivel pole) centered on a pivoting assembly on top of the spine pole and aligned with the vertical axis of the user. One or more cameras are mouthed at the end points of the swivel and the swivel is balanced over the head of the user. The cameras are pointed towards the user so that the user appears in a centered or an eccentric position within the field of view of each camera.

  • Patent


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    Camera Mount for Self Video Recording

    Granted 2015-09-16

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